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If you’re considering a quality dentist in Woollahra, look no further than Better Smiles Bondi Junction. We offer excellent dental services to keep your teeth bright and healthy. In addition, we can be your one-stop destination for restorative dental treatments, preventative care solutions, and cosmetic procedures.

Our team members have expertise in their respective branches of dentistry and are dedicated to offering you the highest quality of dental care. In addition, we invest in the latest technology and modern equipment to help you with the best dental treatment possible in the industry. So, you can relax and expect the best outcome from our Woollahra dentist team.


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    Treatments We Offer

    At Better Smiles Bondi Junction, we aim to offer a one-point contact experience forall our dental patients. So, we provide a wide range of services under one roof, including:


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why kids’ dentistry is essential?

    It is essential because most children’s baby teeth are lost by the time they reach 12 years old. Permanent teeth start coming in at around 6 years old, so it’s essential to ensure that the baby teeth are healthy and free of cavities so that they don’t cause any problems with the permanent teeth.

    A dentist can help ensure your child’s baby teeth are healthy and free of cavities and other dental problems. They can also teach your child how to brush and floss their teeth properly, which will help keep their smile healthy.

    Dental implants are not painful. Getting a dental implant is a little more complicated than getting a regular filling, but it is not painful. You will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area where the implant will be placed. You may experience discomfort after the surgery, but this can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication. Following your dentist’s instructions for post-operative care is vital to ensure that the implant heals properly.

    You would need to consult with your dentist or oral surgeon to see if you are a candidate for all-on-4 dental implants. Typically, most patients are eligible for this type of implant, but there are some exceptions. The main determining factor is the health of your jawbone. If you have severely compromised bone density, you may not be a good candidate for this type of implant. Your dentist can determine if you are a good candidate through a simple examination.

    However, the eligibility for all-on-4 dental implants will vary depending on your situation. Some factors that may be taken into consideration when determining eligibility include:

    • Your overall health and medical history
    • The condition of your teeth and gums
    • The amount of jawbone available to support the implants
    • Your budget and insurance coverage

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