What do you mean by “fillings?”

Fillings (or “restorations” as we like to call them) function to replace lost tooth structure. One of the most common reasons why you lose tooth structure is due to dental decay. Other reasons include trauma or broken tooth due to biting on hard food.

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    What sort of materials do you use for your fillings?

    At this time, we favour composite resin; a tooth-coloured plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. We favour this material because they are an aesthetic, tooth-sparing (you do not need to remove as much tooth structure compared to having an amalgam/silver filling) and tooth-bonding material.

    Why would I need a filling?

    Here are some pretty good reasons:

    – Replace lost tooth structure so that your tooth will not continue to break further due to lost structure and decay. This allows you to eat and drink without worry.

    – To decrease/eliminate sensitivity, as part of your tooth (the dentine) will be exposed in your mouth.

    – Improve the shape and size of your teeth in order to smile and look good (for more information about this procedure, please see cosmetic dentistry – laminate veneers and cosmetic dentistry in general).

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    There are times when fillings is not suitable for you:

    – When we deem that there is not a lot of tooth left, we may ask you to consider having an onlay, inlay or a crown done

    – When your decay is deep into the nerves of your tooth – assessment of the tooth to get rid of the bacteria and dead nerves in your tooth, then consider a replacement with onlay, inlay and crown

    – When the tooth is really not restorable, commonly due to nothing for the filling to bond on, consider having the whole tooth replaced via implants, bridges or dentures.

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    Here are more information / entertainment about dental fillings

    An Awkward Yeti comic about having a very sweet tooth:

    So what’s the best for me?

    Each person have their own unique needs so it is difficult to tell. The best way to know what you need is to contact us I’ll sit down with you to go through the best option with you in person.

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    On average, the cost of tooth fillings in Sydney can range from $150 to $500 per tooth, with composite fillings being more expensive. Tooth filling costs vary based on factors such as filling material, cavity size, and dental practice. We offer payment plans. Our dental professional can provide a personalised treatment plan and cost estimate.

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